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Cooking Oil Management Collection & Sales

You know you shouldn’t pour your oil down the sink, but have you ever wondered why?

Although edible to us, cooking oils can be just as damaging to the environment as other types of oil such as petroleum.

These impacts include the following:

  • They can coat animals and plants and deprive them of oxygen. Coated animals can also die of hypothermia, dehydration or starvation.
  • They can be toxic to animals if ingested and form toxic products as they interact with other substances in nature.
  • They can destroy the food supply and habitat that animals depend on.
  • They can interfere with breeding animals.
  • They produce pungent odours as they decay in nature.
  • They destroy shorelines and clog up water treatment facilities.
  • They can catch fire when exposed to ignit犀利士 ion sources.

How can I avoid these impacts?

The best way is to work with a trustworthy oil disposal company that will allow you to capture, store and rid your business of used cooking oil safely and free of charge.

At Oz Oils we provide easy to use containers and collect them from you regularly so that the oil can be recycled rather than released into the environment where it can cause the problems described above.

What happens to my used oil?

We channel it into the production of bio-diesel and stock feed.

Bio-diesels can be used in diesel automotive engines and are less expensive and clean burning.

Stock feeds made from cooking oils are inexpensive and safe, provided they are made according to strict Government standards (the National Standard for Recycling of Used Cooking Fats and Oils Intended for Animal Feeds).

So if you’re involved in cooking, don’t pour that oil down the sink. Contact us instead for a free, no-obligation chat about how we can help you safely dispose of it.

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