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Cooking Oil Management Collection & Sales


Oz Oils collects used cooking oil for FREE.

Speak to one of our friendly staff who can consult with you to provide the correct collection unit to suit your needs.

IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers)


ISO Tankers & Flexibags

20,000 to 24,000L

Bulk Tankers (singles)

Up to 27,500L B-Double


Up to 45,000L

Permits / Licences – ARA Accredited

Oz Oils is accredited with the Australian Renderer’s Association for Quality Assurance. As a certified member of the Australian Renderers Association we comply with national standards for recycling of used cooking oils intended for animal feeds.

As an accredited ARA and SFMCA certified business and trader, we are licensed to provide refined used cooking oil into stock feed.


Oz Oils is approved and licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority for the collection, transportation, and processing of used cooking oils.


QLD Department of Environment & Heritage Permit EPSX02547614 for transport of regulated waste.


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frequently asked questions

Oz Oils provide a FREE used cooking oil collection service.

Yes, they are also FREE. We manufacture on site specially designed units depending on the location and volume needed to store the waste cooking oil.

We have dedicated staff with over 25 years experience to look after our suppliers. We consult with you to calculate the best regular collection times so you always have an available clean collection unit.

We collect used cooking oil from businesses ranging from restaurants and takeaway shops to major shopping centres and food manufacturing facilities. Talk to one of our friendly experienced staff to answer any more questions you may have.