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Hope your finding time to enjoy some warmer days in August.

Here at Oz Oils it’s go go go as usual, and there’s lots to tell you about…

Collecting more oil than ever, from more new customers

We are very proud that record numbers of restaurants and catering businesses are contacting Oz Oils to organize the犀利士 ir waste cooking oil collection service. Thanks for the new and continued custom.

Better vehicles and bigger team

We are upgrading some of our vehicles so we can fit more oil. And you may have noticed a couple of new faces driving around these vehicles, we have Warren and Paul who has joined us, they are very professional and friendly and can help you with any questions you may have. Welcome to the team Warren and Paul.

Social Media

Did you know that Oz Oils has a facebook and Instagram page. Oz Oils can help you appear higher in the search engine rankings by either liking or following your facebook or insta page.

We can also feature you in our blog or on our testimonials page which gives you inbound links – this will help your business rank higher than others when people search.

How are we doing?

We are always looking to improve our service and we value your feedback. Please get in touch if you think we could do anything better, or tell us what we are doing well.

Thanks for reading

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