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If you’re using a waste oil company to collect your used cooking oil, it’s clear that you care about protecting the environment. So what else can your business do to leave the planet in better shape?

Here are our top 10 tips.

1. Use recycled paper for your brochures and fliers.犀利士 p>

2. Use energy efficient lighting in your building.

3. Reward eco-friendly behavior by your customers such as them using re-usable shopping bags or e-coupons instead of printed versions.

4. Limit your use of untargeted print marketing. Most fliers that are sent in a mass-market fashion are thrown away, wasting your money and creating unnecessary rubbish.

5. Shred your scrap paper and use it as packing material when you ship products.

6. Buy the marketing materials you need from local suppliers to limit shipping related emissions.

7. Use Skype and phone-conferencing instead of in-person meetings if people need to travel to get there.

8. Switch to digital marketing where possible. While print marketing definitely has its place, such as for brochures, corporate signage and business cards, there are areas where digital excels. For instance, email newsletters often perform better than their print counterparts and can be better tracked and optimized and sent for a fraction of the cost. Switch to digital marketing where you can.

9. Encourage your staff to go green. Eco-friendly behavior requires a culture where people naturally make green choices. Out of habit they order the recyclable paper or turn off the lights in rooms where people aren’t in them. Create that culture in your organization.

10. Where possible, sell online. This saves your customers having to commute and reduces their motor vehicle emissions.

It can be hard to do all of the above at once, so just take it in steps and gradually shift your business to be more eco-friendly. You’ll be looking after the planet and your customers and employees will feel good about your approach too.

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